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Provisional 2019 Rankings
(as of 14/12/2018)

Burston Cook331
Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP232
Alder King LLP203
Derek Walker194
Cushman & Wakefield185
Knight Frank LLP128
Colliers International119
Carter Jonas LLP1011
Lambert Smith Hampton Ltd912
Maggs & Allen713
David James & Partners Ltd713
Hootons Commercial Ltd616
Colston & Colston Chartered Surveyors616
Newman (R H)418
ETP Property418
David Plaister Ltd320
Bruton Knowles320
Robert Hitchins Group Ltd222
Peter Clarke & Co123
Smethurst Property Consultants123
Gerald Eve123
Turner Locker Barnfield123
Morton Property Consultants123
Williams Gunter Hardwick123
BNP Paribas Real Estate UK123
Stephen & Co123
AgencySq FtRank
Alder King LLP113,3852
Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP75,7814
Knight Frank LLP71,7925
Burston Cook67,4847
Cushman & Wakefield49,4909
Lambert Smith Hampton Ltd29,77510
Colliers International27,20911
Carter Jonas LLP21,24512
Derek Walker18,57413
Hootons Commercial Ltd10,26214
Maggs & Allen8,73415
Colston & Colston Chartered Surveyors7,98916
Peter Clarke & Co7,48717
David Plaister Ltd5,50218
Robert Hitchins Group Ltd4,81219
David James & Partners Ltd4,50620
Smethurst Property Consultants4,27321
Newman (R H)3,71522
ETP Property3,58323
Gerald Eve3,14524
Turner Locker Barnfield3,14025
Morton Property Consultants2,75026
Bruton Knowles2,34527
Williams Gunter Hardwick2,28228
BNP Paribas Real Estate UK1,43829
Stephen & Co1,20930
AgencySq FtRank
BNP Paribas Real Estate UK31,2721
Burston Cook31,1862
Morton Property Consultants10,7423
Peace Pennels LLP8,7904
Colliers International8,4715
Knight Frank LLP6,8548
Marchmont Chartered Surveyors5,0029
Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP3,27211
Lambert Smith Hampton Ltd3,19412
Bruton Knowles2,24513
Alder King LLP2,22214
Burston Cook341
Derek Walker192
Hootons Commercial Ltd63
Colston & Colston Chartered Surveyors63
David Plaister Ltd35
Robert Hitchins Group Ltd26
Smethurst Property Consultants18
Turner Locker Barnfield18
Morton Property Consultants26
Williams Gunter Hardwick18
Stephen & Co18
Marchmont Chartered Surveyors18
Peace Pennels LLP18
AgencySq FtRank
Burston Cook98,6701
Derek Walker18,5742
Morton Property Consultants13,4923
Hootons Commercial Ltd10,2624
Peace Pennels LLP8,7905
Colston & Colston Chartered Surveyors7,9896
David Plaister Ltd5,5027
Marchmont Chartered Surveyors5,0028
Robert Hitchins Group Ltd4,8129
Smethurst Property Consultants4,27310
Turner Locker Barnfield3,14011
Williams Gunter Hardwick2,28212
Stephen & Co1,20913
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