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Provisional 2019 Rankings
(as of 14/12/2018)

AgencyRankTotal Value
Cushman & Wakefield23,690,466,000
Knight Frank LLP52,371,500,000
Eastdil Secured LLC61,864,800,000
Colliers International8983,845,000
Michael Elliott9888,373,000
BNP Paribas Real Estate UK10759,065,000
Capital Real Estate Partners LLP11527,015,727
Tudor Toone12394,525,000
HFF Real Estate13273,000,000
Corbett Northam LLP14265,750,000
Cortex Partners15205,360,000
Farmer Capital Ltd16204,000,000
GM Real Estate17201,000,000
Cyril Leonard18151,160,000
Tydus Real Estate Ltd19130,975,000
Lewis Ellis LLP21111,000,000
James Andrew International2394,000,000
SN1982 Ltd2492,585,000
Burlington Green Partners2590,750,000
Crossland Otter Hunt2688,500,000
Goldstone Commercial2782,500,000
Gryphon Property Partners2878,840,000
Goldenberg Real Estate2977,040,000
Fineman Ross3076,500,000
Strutt & Parker3270,750,000
Gerald Eve3370,085,000
Kingly Partners LLP3463,850,000
BC Retail3563,000,000
Harper Dennis Hobbs3658,500,000
Hanover Green3756,200,000
Finn Property Investments Ltd3855,140,000
London & Oriental Properties Ltd3955,000,000
BNP Paribas London Branch3955,000,000
Capita Property & Infrastructure4152,350,000
Richard Susskind4251,000,000
Anton Page LLP4345,500,000
BDG Sparkes Porter4444,800,000
Clay Street Ltd4540,250,000
Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP4631,700,000
Aurum Real Estate Partners Ltd4727,625,000
Ian Scott International4827,500,000
Richard Susskind & Co5023,300,000
Robert Irving Burns Ltd5122,488,000
Daniel Watney5222,000,000
Savoy Stewart5222,000,000
Ingleby Trice5421,150,000
Union Street Partners5520,800,000
Mellersh & Harding5619,080,000
Hall Kemp5718,540,000
Somerford Real Estate Ltd5818,000,000
Simon Korn5917,500,000
Kimmre (Kimmeridge Real Estate Ltd)6017,201,008
Leighton Goldhill6114,850,000
Cooper Chen6214,250,000
Cooffer Corporate Leisure6314,050,000
Hoddell Stotesbury Morgan6414,000,000
Morgan Williams6414,000,000
BBG Real Estate Advisers6613,050,000
Carter Jonas LLP6712,750,000
ACRE Capital Real Estate LLP6811,700,000
Springer Nicolas (UK) Ltd6911,350,000
AgencyRankTotal Value
Eastdil Secured LLC11,864,800,000
Michael Elliott3888,373,000
Tudor Toone4394,525,000
HFF Real Estate5273,000,000
Corbett Northam LLP6265,750,000
Cortex Partners7205,360,000
GM Real Estate8201,000,000
Cyril Leonard9151,160,000
Tydus Real Estate Ltd10130,975,000
Lewis Ellis LLP11111,000,000
James Andrew International1394,000,000
SN1982 Ltd1492,585,000
Burlington Green Partners1590,750,000
Crossland Otter Hunt1688,500,000
Goldstone Commercial1782,500,000
Gryphon Property Partners1878,840,000
Goldenberg Real Estate1977,040,000
Fineman Ross2076,500,000
Gerald Eve2270,085,000
Kingly Partners LLP2363,850,000
BC Retail2463,000,000
Harper Dennis Hobbs2558,500,000
Hanover Green2656,200,000
Finn Property Investments Ltd2755,140,000
London & Oriental Properties Ltd2855,000,000
Richard Susskind2951,000,000
Anton Page LLP3045,500,000
BDG Sparkes Porter3144,800,000
Clay Street Ltd3240,250,000
Aurum Real Estate Partners Ltd3327,625,000
Ian Scott International3427,500,000
Richard Susskind & Co3623,300,000
Robert Irving Burns Ltd3722,488,000
Daniel Watney3822,000,000
Savoy Stewart3822,000,000
Ingleby Trice4021,150,000
Union Street Partners4120,800,000
Mellersh & Harding4219,080,000
Hall Kemp4318,540,000
Somerford Real Estate Ltd4418,000,000
Simon Korn4517,500,000
Kimmre (Kimmeridge Real Estate Ltd)4617,201,008
Leighton Goldhill4714,850,000
Cooper Chen4814,250,000
Cooffer Corporate Leisure4914,050,000
Hoddell Stotesbury Morgan5014,000,000
Morgan Williams5014,000,000
BBG Real Estate Advisers5213,050,000
ACRE Capital Real Estate LLP5311,700,000
Springer Nicolas (UK) Ltd5411,350,000
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