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Provisional 2019 Rankings
(as of 14/12/2018)

AgencyRankTotal Value
Michael Elliott2335,700,000
Fawcett Mead Ltd5166,695,000
Chapman Petrie LLP6141,000,000
Hall Lahaise6141,000,000
Colliers International8115,785,000
KLM Retail999,825,000
BNP Paribas Real Estate UK1084,263,000
Montagu Evans LLP1277,920,000
Jackson Criss1358,700,000
K & L Gates1542,000,000
Coffer Corporate Leisure1542,000,000
Lewis & Partners LLP1737,250,000
Lewis Ellis LLP1832,600,000
Heywood & Partners1923,100,000
The Noble Harris Partnership2022,700,000
Green & Partners LLP2116,965,000
Knight Frank LLP2216,880,000
Acuitus Ltd2311,563,000
Glenny LLP2410,670,000
Tydus Real Estate Ltd2510,510,000
Levy Real Estate278,750,000
Arbitrage Group287,310,000
Estate Office Investments Ltd297,250,000
Property Point307,237,000
TW Keil317,150,000
Real Estate Development London UK Ltd326,700,000
Burlington Green Partners335,250,000
Daniel & Co335,250,000
Lambert Smith Hampton Ltd354,995,000
Robert Irving Burns Ltd364,350,000
Finn Property Investments Ltd374,300,000
Harmer Ray Hoffbrand LLP384,165,000
Somerford Real Estate Ltd394,025,000
Cushman & Wakefield403,940,000
Barnett Ross Ltd413,107,500
Prideview Properties Ltd433,000,000
Christie & Co442,800,000
Metrus Limited452,500,000
Gilmartin Ley452,500,000
Dobbin & Sullivan Ltd482,400,000
Davis Coffer Lyons492,348,580
Lewis Craig502,215,000
AgencyRankTotal Value
Michael Elliott1335,700,000
Fawcett Mead Ltd2166,695,000
Chapman Petrie LLP3141,000,000
Hall Lahaise3141,000,000
KLM Retail599,825,000
K & L Gates742,000,000
Coffer Corporate Leisure742,000,000
Lewis & Partners LLP937,250,000
Lewis Ellis LLP1032,600,000
Heywood & Partners1123,100,000
The Noble Harris Partnership1222,700,000
Green & Partners LLP1316,965,000
Levy Real Estate148,750,000
Arbitrage Group157,310,000
Estate Office Investments Ltd167,250,000
Property Point177,237,000
TW Keil187,150,000
Burlington Green Partners195,250,000
Daniel & Co195,250,000
Robert Irving Burns Ltd214,350,000
Finn Property Investments Ltd224,300,000
Harmer Ray Hoffbrand LLP234,165,000
Somerford Real Estate Ltd244,025,000
Prideview Properties Ltd253,000,000
Metrus Limited262,500,000
Gilmartin Ley262,500,000
Dobbin & Sullivan Ltd292,400,000
Davis Coffer Lyons302,348,580
Lewis Craig312,215,000
Henshall and Partners322,100,000
CWM Retail Property Advisors322,100,000
Mason Partners LLP322,100,000
Rowley Hughes Thompson LLP361,950,000
Lewis & Tucker Ltd371,800,000
Tudor Toone371,800,000
Suttons Commercial391,775,000
Michael Lurie Property Consultants401,750,000
Bells Commercial Ltd401,750,000
Sworn & Co421,600,000
Frost Meadowcroft421,600,000
Clay Street Ltd441,550,000
Linays Commercial451,540,000
Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward461,521,500
Ereira Mendoza & Co481,450,000
Baxter Philips Ltd491,420,000
John Payne Commercial Ltd501,350,000
Miles & Co501,350,000
Julian Lewis & Co521,250,000
Reid Rose Gregory531,100,000
Stanley Chelsea541,050,000
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