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2022 Methodology for Determining CoStar Awards Quarterly Deals

CoStar recognises the top sales and leasing transactions and the commercial real estate professionals behind those transactions each quarter. The following methodology is used to identify the top transactions.

Sale Transactions

  • Eligible top sales transactions include sales involving the following property types: office, industrial, flex, retail, multifamily, health care, hospitality, student housing, specialty, and sports and entertainment. Land sales intended for commercial, industrial, or multi-family uses are also eligible.
  • All sales transactions are ranked from highest to lowest by sale price within each CoStar market. In the absence of a sale price, CoStar uses an estimated value at the time of sale to determine the transaction’s ranking.
  • Portfolio sales are eligible. In the event a portfolio sale includes properties spanning multiple markets, CoStar uses an allocated sale price to determine each property’s ranking within its respective market.
  • Only sale transactions with a sold date within the quarter recognised are eligible.
  • Only arm’s length transactions are eligible.

Lease Transactions

  • The CoStar Awards Quarterly Deals award designation recognises leasing transactions in the following categories: office leasing, industrial leasing and retail leasing.
  • Lease transactions are ranked by determining the product of the total square feet leased, multiplied by the contract rent achieved.
  • In the absence of a contract rent, CoStar uses an estimated market rent to determine the transaction’s ranking.
  • The name of the tenant is required.
  • New leases, relets, renewals and subleases are eligible.
  • Only lease transactions with a sign date within the quarter recognised are eligible.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting sale and lease transactions for the CoStar Awards Quarterly Deals is 5PM GMT on the fifth business day after the close of the quarter. The 2022 submission deadlines are as follows:

  • Q1 2022 deals – Thursday, 7 April 2022
  • Q2 2022 deals – Friday, 8 July
  • Q3 2022 deals – TBD
  • Q4 2022 deals – TBD

The methodology for identifying the CoStar Awards Quarterly Deals is subject to change at CoStar’s discretion.