Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about submissions, deadlines and awards.

What information do I need to submit?

For lease transactions, we require the building address, square footage leased, floor or suite (if multi-tenant building), sign date & the tenant name.
If you are not restricted by a confidentiality agreement, please include the lease term, details of agents involved and the move in date.

For sales transactions, we require building address, size, date closed, sale price, buyer name & seller name and notation of investment or owner/user sale.

In what format do I need to submit my transaction information? My company has a sheet with all of this information on it already. Can I send you that?

CoStar provides lease and sales transactions Excel templates that will assist you in providing deal information in the appropriate Excel format. If you have your own sheet that has all of the required information, please transfer that information into the supplied Excel template. Please go to our Submit Deals page for transaction templates.

How do I submit my deals through the website?

To submit your deals one at a time: Go to the Submit Deals page. Fill out your agent information, then select the Single Sale Deal or Single Lease Deal deal type. Click Next. You will be directed to another page where you can enter all of the required deal information. Click Submit to submit your deal.

To upload your Excel files: Go to the Submit Deals page. Fill out your agent information, then select the Multiple Deals deal type. Click Next. Upload your Excel* submission file and then click Submit.

* Deals submitted must include all required information and be submitted in the Excel spreadsheets provided in the links below OR via the online form to the right in order to be considered for Agency Awards.

Can I just send you the total number of deals I did?

No. The required transaction information must be reviewed and verified by our internal research team.

Who do I send the completed transaction sheet to? Should I send this to my regular research contact?

No. Please upload your completed transaction sheet through our Submit Deals page. You can also enter your deals one at a time as they close through our online submission form.

Should I provide all transactions or just my best deals?

As the Agency Awards ranking recongises both volume and size/value of each calendar year's transactions, we recommend that you provide all transaction information, not just top deal information.

I can't make the deadline. Can I submit my transactions late?

No. In order to be fair to all participants, we will not accept any deal submissions sent after 5pm on a submission deadline date.

Who is eligible to win an award?

The Agency Awards recognise third-party brokerage activity. To be included in the Agency Awards, firms must be primarily in the business of brokerage, either as a tenant rep, a landlord rep (or both) or an investment sales rep. Firms that are primarily owners of real estate are excluded. If the agent is employed by the owner, property manager, asset manager, fund manager, or developer of the property, or if they or their firm has any direct or indirect ownership of a property, they will not be credited for that transaction. Brokerage agents and firms who lease properties for their own family members or corporate parents will not receive credit for transactions in those properties.